Horse Leader

The horse leader is an experienced horse handler responsible for guiding the horse's movement during the hippotherapy session, as directed by the therapist. Volunteers can also assist with grooming, tacking, and other aspects of animal welfare. Volunteer training sessions are held regularly. Want to be a Horse Leader? Apply with this form (Volunteer Application) and more info on positions (Volunteer Handbook).


Side walker

The side walker is responsible for assisting the client with balance and safety during the hippotherapy session. The side walker also assists the therapist with games and activities. With the assistance of the side walker, the client is able to maximize his/her potential during each session. One or two side walkers are needed for each therapy session. Apply with this form (Volunteer Application) and more info on positions (Volunteer Handbook).

Would you like to help the organization in other ways?

HOPE is always looking for dedicated individuals to help plan fundraisers, assist with operations, market our programs to the community, intern and so much more. If your talents are outside of assisting with therapy, please contact us.