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We’re lucky to have friends like Nicker Nickels’ Nancy Ryan whose donation of $1000 is helping us add Rose, our newest therapy horse, to our program. Rose is a Belgian draft horse who is stepping in to fill Blue’s horseshoes now that Blue has returned to her happy home. From what I hear around the water trough, we’re pretty lucky to get Rose because rumor has it that she learned all her lessons at B-C Foundation Station with flying colors.

At B-C Foundation, horses and riders are taught natural horsemanship procedures that respect both the horse and the rider. Even though horses are large, being prey animals they are not generally aggressive and respond best to kindness and gentle instruction. Their naturally gentle nature provides a starting point for the trainers to work their magic to teach the horses how to become active, helping members of our therapeutic society. By approaching their charges with some understanding of their innate qualities and learning capabilities, Chris and his crew are able to coax out the best the horse has to offer without resorting to imposing their will with harsh actions. In addition to instructing riders in how to work with their own horses, B-C helps rescued horses become productive and happy members of the therapeutic community.

I feel super lucky to be part of the work that is being done by all the folks here at HOPE. Working together to help people who have a variety of obstacles to leading a normal life, our organization also helps to improve the lives of our therapy horses, many of whom are rescues from unsuitable living situations. Talk about a win-win situation! I’m glad there are so many good people who are willing to give of their time and resources to help others. And I’m so happy to be a part of what we do here at HOPE.

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Thank you Nicker Nickels’

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