HOPE Testimonials

These are the testimonials of children, parents, veterans and first responders who come to ride our therapy horses and use our programs to recover.  Hopefully these words will help inspire you to make the first step in the long road to recovery.

Giving back a piece of life! - Cooper's Parents

That is what HOPE, HOrse Helping PEople, does for so many.

Our son, Cooper, suffers from brain damage caused by a brain cyst and hydrocephalus that applied an abnormal amount of pressure to Cooper’s brain. Though surgery relieved this pressure, permanent damage to Cooper’s brain anatomy remains. Cooper struggles significantly with motor skills. To name a few of his challenges, he has difficulty licking his lips, properly articulating words in an understandable form, dressing himself, brushing his teeth, sitting upright and strong, throwing and kicking a ball, and writing letters.

With his physical challenges and limited time due to his busy schedule full of recovery therapies, sports did not seem like an option for Cooper. Yet, our introduction to HOPE’s hippotherapy program, an occupational therapy program on a horse, proved us wrong. It allowed Cooper to fulfill his weekly need for occupational therapy while making him feel like he was participating in a sport.

Unlike a typical clinical setting, Cooper gets the weekly engagement and therapeutic benefits of an animal and has to constantly work his core because of his positioning on the horse while working on other occupational skills. Additionally, he gets encouraged and doted on by not only the certified and may I say “FABULOUS and LOVING”, occupational therapist but by several other volunteers helping with the hippotherapy riding session.

For a disabled child that often feels like he is left out of many activities, he feels like the star of the show and exuberates with happiness during each of his sessions.

The hippotherapy program at HOPE has been life changing for Cooper. It is phenomenal that Cooper has made such significant growth globally in his motor skills and in all of his development throughout his time with the program.

As a parent who has taken her son to many occupational therapists, I can say “Hands Down” that this is the one of the best occupational therapy programs in the region. It’s affordable, therapeutic in many diverse ways, and is supported by people who ALL have their hearts in the right place.

Today, we have “HOPE” in the recovery of our son!

Thank you HOrses Helping PEople.

Cooper’s Parents

Meet Virginia - Joyce Daly, Mother of Virginia

Meet Virginia, age 19, wheelchair bound, with speech that is difficult to understand. Due to her disability, getting enough physical exercise and social interaction is a challenge. Horses Helping People HOPE helps her meet that challenge. She counts the days until her next opportunity to ride.

Participating with HOPE stimulates her four senses hearing, seeing feeling, and smelling.  She grooms, feeds, and rides a horse. She forms friendships with her therapist, the volunteers, other riders, their families, and the horses. She gets to be outside breathing the fresh air, under a beautiful Florida sky, at a well groomed piece of property. There’s nothing like seeing your child, who has so many limitations, express sheer joy squealing and giggling during her session.

Joyce Daly – Mother of Virginia        

HOPE is a True Gift - Brooke's Mom, Raeda Flores

The depth of what takes place at Hope HOrses Helping PEople in any one given moment is difficult to pin down. My daughter has struggled throughout her entire life; I have watched her trudge along from appointment to appointment being examined, poked, probed, cut, and stitched year after year. There’s a relief knowing that at least one of these scheduled times, I can see Brooke escape the realities of a failing body.

For Brooke, HOPE is the place that keeps her going; from day one HOPE has given her something to look forward to. With the care of the volunteers and therapists a mission comes to life; the healing that occurs here is like no other. The horses stay in sync with the therapist and patients, creating immeasurable bonds.

In a time of slanted truths, HOPE is what’s real. These are the people of action making a difference. I have seen a young cancer survivor searching for direction find laughter. I have seen a war hero develop peace along with purpose. Each week I watch the numerous layers of progress continue to transpire.  Hope is a true gift.

Brooke’s Mom, Raeda Flores

Make The First Step

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