Here are the various ways in which you can donate to HOPE to help us with our mission.

Donate via STRIPE

Once you have chosen HOPE-HOrses Helping People, as your charity at  Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate a percentage of each purchase you make online to HOPE!  When you arrive at the Amazon Smile page, go through the settings to choose HOPE as your Non-profit.  Thanks!



Sponsoring a Horse or Rider

Rocky's Triple Crown Club $25,000 - Cover a year of hay for our horses, Co-Sponsor our Covered Arena or Extreme Mountain Trail Course



Sponsor a Rider - $100 per month covers the cost of facility fees for one participant 

Sponsor a Horse - Horse care and costs include feed, supplements, hay, shavings, immunizations, farrier care, and regular veterinary needs for one of the horses.

$2500 per year: As a Yearly HOPE horse member, a plaque with your name will be placed next to the horse's stall.

$250 for one month: A one time donation of $250 designated for Horse Sponsorship will help defray general horse care costs, as well as any unplanned costs throughout the year.

Any donation amount can be designated for Horse Sponsorship.

Donations of any amount help to cover daily operation costs.

If you wish to make a tax deductible donation, you may also make checks payable to HOPE and mail them to:

HOPE - HOrses helping PEople

9722 SW 153rd Ave
Archer, Florida 32618