OUR JOURNEY HAS BEGUN - HOME for HOPE Transformational Campaign

Sawhorse Farm has come up for sale.  Owners Rick and Kathy Brown are giving us the opportunity to raise the down payment for the facility by the end of 2017.  HOPE is a PATH center for Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.

Potential Donors can schedule a ride on horse back of the facility or ride it via truck or golf cart. Contact Travis Harvey for details 352-495-0533.

We are already setting the stage for our programming to match the potential of the new facility by:

  • Reorganizing our model of practice around our clients to emphasize being an outcome-based, inclusive organization
  • Expanding programs like Equine Facilitated Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy & Psychotherapy
  • Expanding Equine Facilitated Learning programs to better serve individuals of all abilities and ages
  • Improving our sliding scale and scholarship programs to provide services to low-income, at-risk youth and Foster Care youth
  • Creating opportunities for local Fisher House and Ronald McDonald House residents to spend some time away from the hospital 


  • Consider a Major Gift Pledge: Give us a call, visit our office, or email us to submit a pledge to go towards our new home. You can see all of our available naming rights for Sawhorse Fame Below.
  • Donate: No matter the size, every dollar is one step closer to our new home new home at Sawhorse! Please consider a donation to go towards our purchase of Sawhorses Farms. YOU CAN DONATE HERE!
  • Share the news! Ask your friends, family, or coworkers to help! Share this page with them. Every dollar is one step closer to HOPE's new home.

NAMING OPPortunities:

Donors names will go on the buildings permanently and Donors will also have a horseshoe on our wall of fame in the main barn with a name plate on it as well.

The following naming Legacies are available:

Front Portion of Ranch:

  1. 12x24 with 2 horse stall $15,000
  2. 12x24 with 2 horse stall $15,000
  3. 12x24 with 2 horse stall$15,000
  4. 24x24 open horses pole barn $25,000
  5. 10x10 front wash rack $2,500
  6. 12x16front tack shed $10,000

Center Portion of Ranch:

  1. 28x16 with 2 horse stall $15,000
  2. 28x28 with 4 horse stall $20,000
  3. 16x16 with 1 horse stall $10,000
  4. 14x14 tack shed $10,000
  5. 10x10 wash rack $2,500
  6. 12x24 2 horse stall $15,000
  7. 12x50 4 horse stall $20,000
  8. 32x40 storage and tool shed $25,000
  9. 28x60 storage pole barn $30,000

Rear Portion of Ranch:

  1.  26x26 with 2 horse stall $25,000
  2. 24x30 hay barn $25,000
  3. 12x60 with 5 horse stall $25,000
  4. 12x60 with 5 horse stall $25,000
  5. 36x62 barn/tack room/feed room $50,000
  6. 14x32 equipment storage barn $15,000
  7. 24x26 equipment storage barn$15,000
  8. 12x12 fuel storage shed $5,000
  9. 12x16 pump/storage shed $5,000
  10. 10x10 wash rack $2,500

Other areas of the farm:

  1. Scouting & Youth Groups Camping Area $25,000
  2. Nature Observatory Stand #1 $5,000
  3. Nature Observatory Stand #2 $5,000
  4. Archery Area $2,500

Other naming opportunities:

  • A gift of $400,000 to build a covered Arena with a viewing room for clients' families.  The attached barn would include for care and prepare horses for work, store tack, and conduct other equine-related business for the day to day operation
  • A gift of $125,000 helps fund one-half of a large arena
  • A gift of $100,000 will help fund an extreme mountain trail facility for use with programs and a means of passive income.
  • A gift of $75,000 enables us to construct a small arena