Horses Helping People (HOPE) in the Media

The HOPE media contains, articles, videos and other forms of news media that covers the work HOrses Helping PEople does for those riding our therapy horses.

Children, families enjoy meeting the HOPE horses

Droves of toddlers stomped through lush green fields, with snow cones in hand, as horses grazed nearby at the HOPE, Horses Helping People, farm in Archer Sunday afternoon for the 8th annual Horsin’ Around Fall Festival.  Read Full Article.

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Rides Again With A Little Help From HOPE

For a former horseback riding champion, mounting a horse may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but Lauren Ault has come a long way.  Seven years ago, Ault was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor, forcing her to rely on a wheelchair.  Read Full Article.

Equine-Assisted Therapy Program Prepares For First Time At Florida Special Olympics

Crystal Gibbs carefully brushes Sonny, her favorite horse, before starting her therapy session.  “I’m coming Sonny,” she said, as she went to grab another brush.  Gibbs, 11, has been receiving therapy at Horses Helping People, or HOPE, an equine-assisted therapy program in Alachua County, for about three years.  Read Full Article.

HOPE Comes On Four Legs For Veterans

Travis Harvey leaned his elbows on the wooden fence and let out a shrill whistle. In the back of the pasture, three horses turned their heads, but only one came trotting to greet him — Starlight, a 19-year-old Appaloosa.  Read Full Article.

Travis Harvey’s Journey

For veterans and individuals facing physical and mental disabilities, the road to living a “normal” life can be difficult. But non-traditional therapies provide options beyond medication and one-on- one therapy.  Read Full Article.

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